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Superintendent's Message

"Hello" to all of you in Mustang Country.  The end of summer is near!  For many students and staff this marks an exciting time of year as they prepare for the new challenges that await.  For others, it is a period of unease and trepidation as that newness brings with it an aspect of structure and accountability that may have been absent for several months.  Regardless of the emotion involved, Kim staff in-service takes place on Wednesday and Thursday (August 9-10) and all you students can look forward to engaging in the learning process as early as Wednesday, August 16.  I happily anticipate the arrival of a new school year and the rewards of the hard work and effort to follow.  Kim School sincerely hopes the summer was relaxing, enjoyable, and beneficial for everyone in the community.  Let me be the first one to say "Welcome Back", and I hope to see you all soon!