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Superintendent's Message

Happy New Year! It's hard to believe that we are starting second semester on Monday, January 7th. January and February are filled with activities. Homecoming being one of the big ones. On January 26th we will host the Eads Eagles for a full day of Junior High and High School Basketball. I hope everyone has the opportunity to come to a school event this winter.

During the entire year, we are celebrating each of our “unique” qualities and learning about the “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” through The Leader in Me by Stephen R Covey, Sean Covey, Muriel Summers, and David K Hatch. After our first habit of "Being Proactive," our second habit is “Begin with the End in Mind.” We are learning to set goals, do things that have meaning and make positive contributors to classrooms. In November we focused on the 3rd habit, "Put First Things First." We are learning to prioritize, be organized and make a schedule. In December and January we will be focusing on Habit 4, "Think Win-Win" where we look at options to resolve conflict that work for both sides and look at balancing what we want with what others want. Throughout the year we will be learning about the other three habits and sharing our knowledge with our families and the community.


Samantha Yocam